Formula 1 Las Vegas – Everything you need to know

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Las Vegas Grand Prix officials faced an unexpected challenge but swiftly found a solution to ensure a better experience for affected ticket holders.

The hiccup occurred when the Las Vegas Grand Prix had to cancel a section of the HG2 grandstand in the West Harmon Zone due to unforeseen “sightline issues.” This cancellation left ticket holders in a state of uncertainty regarding their viewing experience.

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To address this situation, the event organizers decided to go above and beyond. Rather than offering refunds, they upgraded the impacted ticket holders to the more premium T-Mobile Zone at Sphere, which not only provided superior views but also came with additional perks, all at no extra cost.

The official announcement, delivered through the Las Vegas GP app, underscored the organizers’ commitment to ensuring fans enjoy an unmatched viewing experience.

Las Vegas Grand Prix officials made the tough call to scrap the construction of the HG2 grandstand section, even though all the tickets had been sold out. This grandstand, sponsored by Google Chrome, was nixed due to concerns about insufficient sightlines, particularly affecting spectators in the West Harmon Zone.

The initial promise of “incredible views” for those in the West Harmon Zone, including sights of the Harmon Straight and pit lane entry, couldn’t be fulfilled due to the limitations of the smallest of the three grandstands, HG2.

In response to the cancellation, ticket holders were pleasantly surprised with a generous resolution. Instead of offering refunds, officials decided to elevate the fans’ experience by upgrading them to the esteemed T-Mobile Zone at Sphere. This upgrade not only resolved the sightline issue but also added significant value for fans, as the new seating was worth $500 more than their original tickets. Moreover, it included access to live entertainment and a range of amenities designed to enhance the overall race day experience.

The message delivered via the official Las Vegas app reassured fans of the organizers’ unwavering dedication to quality:

“Due to a sightline issue, we have made the decision not to construct the HG2 structure in the West Harmon Zone sponsored by Google Chrome. For the inaugural Formula 1 Heineken Silver Las Vegas Grand Prix, it is vitally important that each and every fan benefits from an unparalleled viewing experience. In order to achieve this, all patrons with tickets in the HG2 structure will be re-located to grandstands in the T-Mobile Zone at Sphere, which represents an improved ticketing option that includes assigned seating with unobstructed views and access to the T-Mobile Zone with fan activations, live entertainment, and more.”